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Software For Stand Alone Gift Cards

Do you currently offer gift cards to your clients but are tired of paying the endless fees?  Or do you currently own a point of sale software but it doesn't support gift card processing? Then MPOS Gift Card is the inexpensive solution you have been waiting for, imagine a small application that can manage your gift card stock and balances and processing in house.  With MPOS gift card software you can now avoid the transaction fees, monthly fees, processing fees and statement fees.  With MPOS gift card software you can use your existing stock and save thousands annually.  

Simple to use features such as:

  • Easy to use interface with in two clicks process your transaction.

  • Save thousands of dollars a year in fees by maintaining your own gift card system in house.

  • Use any gift card stock including account numbers, barcodes or magnetically striped cards.

  • Maintain balances on cards or cash out balances

  • Security features force employees to login before processing transactions in the gift card software.

  • Sell your gift cards automatically through the software.

  • Gift card are activated during the sale of the gift card.  Making sure no gift card can be used unless it has been sold to a customer and activated.

  • Scan with a barcode scanner, swipe with a magnetic reader or type with your keyboard directly into your gift card software.

  • Large buttons for use with touch screens.

  • Processing transaction in seconds using either a single workstation on connect across your windows network using client/server protocols.

  • Approval codes are automatically generated.  Also the ability to print a detail receipt with the  balance left on the cards are all standard.

  • You have the ability's to manage gift card accounts in a spreadsheet format for faster editing.

  • View detail history of each card sold and any transaction purchased using the gift card account.

  • View Liability reports showing outstanding balances on cards.

  • All reports can be either printed or saved as a file.

  • With MPOS Gift Card software you can control the theme of your application by customizing the colors of both the background and the font.

  • Manage the database with advance tools