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Customer Testimonials

We have been in business for over 25 years and sold thousands of software licenses to many happy customers.  Over the years many have left a review of our software but more importantly our services take a look at just a handful of real customer testimonials and reviews.  Feel free to leave your review.

Affiliated Rejuvenation Center & Spa, ltd
Customer Name: Shelly Wentz-Fackler
Company Name: Affiliated Rejuvenation Center & Spa, ltd
City & State: Pewaukee, WI

Enhance Your Body
Customer Name: Justine Brown
Company Name: Enhance Your Body
City & State: Harrisburg, PA

Sunny Day
Customer Name: Rachael DiGise
Company Name: Sunny Day
This is an awesome system. We love it and it is just really easy to use and comes with great support!!!!! LOVE IT

Solis Salon & Body Care
Customer Name: Kenneth Solis
Company Name: Solis Salon & Body Care
City & State: Las Vegas, Nevada

The MPOS is outstanding. Compatible to our overall Salon Operation, and easy to use. The Software easily tracks commissions and retail sales, and makes Sales Tax Report preparation a joy. We can easily run Commission Reports on retail sales to track which Associates are selling the best. In addition, we can run product totals, to see how product sales are for any given period, whether it be a week, a month or a quarter. As a rental 
Salon, renting to Stylists, Nail Techs, Estheticians, and Massage Therapists, this system allows us to offer gift cards, so clients can use their "gift card credit" for any service in the salon, rather then just with one specific individual, including products. Our staff feels 
the basic operation of the program is extremely easy. With the bar code scanning feature, it makes retail check out a breeze. MPOS support staff is extremely helpful, and assist me and our staff with any questions and consulting regarding the MPOS software.

A Masquerade Costume
Company Name: A Masquerade Costume
Company Name: Kyra M Stewart This POS system helps us manage our inventory. We like the ability to print barcodes on our regular printer, for products that arrive without any. We also like that we can send reports to our Quick Books 
financial software. Technical help via telephone has been very efficient and responsive.

Maskell's Hair Hut
Company Name: Maskell's Hair Hut
City & State: Rouses Point, NY 12979I really loved the simplicity of the design and 
the system as a whole. My partner was VERY computer 
illiterate and the software was not too intimidating for her 
to learn. 
I can't say enough good things about 
there support staff, who has the patience of a saint! I called with 
quite a few questions in the first few weeks of my 
learning curve, and he was always very calming and 
reassuring. Thanks MPOS!

Tanning Spot
My Name: Orlando Vélez

Company Name: Tanning Spot

City & State: San Juan PR

BellaNirvana - Day Spa

My Name: Christian Peacox
Company Name: BellaNirvana - Day Spa
City & State: Pacifica, CA

I was looking for an industry specific app. that 
would integrate with QB, handle all the specifics of a 
spa and salon as well as the retail side.

Lo Piccolo Beauty Fountain & Day Spa, LLC
My Name: Misti LeeAnn Lopiccolo

Company Name: Lo Piccolo Beauty Fountain & Day Spa, LLC
City & State: Carson City, NV
This program has made our life allot easier here. 
Its very easy to work with as well as teach others 
that work here.

Eagles Nest Motorcycle Co Inc

My Name: Lee Ann
Company Name: Eagles Nest Motorcycle Co Inc
City & State: Spruce Grove Alberta Canada

Moonshadow Salon
My Name: William M Cromer
Company Name: Moonshadow Salon
City & State: Berkeley, CA
Tech rocks and so does the program.....

Sterling Cuisine, Inc.

My Name: Rudolph W. Blaw
Company Name: Sterling Cuisine, Inc.
City & State: Woodland Hills, CA
I'm still in the process of installing the 
software. Looks good so far!

Arezzo Salon And Spa

Customer Name: Steve Gilman
Company Name: Arezzo Salon And Spa
City & State: Carlsbad, CA
My MPOS system came with the business I purchased 
two years ago and it continues to work great. I have 
had no reason to look at purchasing new software as I 
feel it would be a waste.

Smith Wholesale Floral Co

Customer Name: Mark Thompson
Company Name: Smith Wholesale Floral Co
City & State: Sheffie, AL

SOHO Make-Up Studio
Customer Name: Linda Hawkinson
Company Name: SOHO Make-Up Studio
City & State: Tampa, FL
We have been able to tailor this software 
perfectly to suit our needs. The best part has been the 
level of support that is provided. This is our first 
retail venture and there was a lot that we just didn't 
know. Help has been a phone call away. They are 
knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient.
Computers and software 
usually equal lots of frustration and headaches but you 
have made this process completely painless for 

Body Works Day Spa
My Name: Rene Galietti
Company Name: Body Works Day Spa
City & State: Floral Park, NY
Every update makes this program more user 
friendly. It is a great program. Best thing we purchased.

Fraser Golf Centre
My Name: Dean Lim
Company Name: Fraser Golf Centre
City & State: Surrey BC
NIGEL... you are the best!!!

I had soooo much problems with my old pos system (quickbooks). I searched
around and found MPOS. call in and talk to Nigel about the product and trying out. He spend so much time to get done on the system-even it was just try out. He helped me to set up and advised me how to and what to do with MPOS from step 1 to 10. MPOS is great for salon
and retail shop. So easy to find any product or service item.

NIGEL Thanks so much

Capital Hill Barber Shop
My Name: Randy Linkenbach
Company Name: Capital Hill Barber Shop
City & State: Helena Montana
This POS software has been great but the best part of owning this is Nigel.
The help that he has given us for the past 10 years has made this purchase one
of the best purchases I have made for this business.
Thanks Nigel.

A.C.E.S. Flight Simulation, Inc,
My Name: Michael Pohl
Company Name: A.C.E.S. Flight Simulation, Inc,
City & State: Minneapolis
Excellent customer service. Anytime we've needed 
help over the last three years, support has displayed a 
deep and thorough knowledge of MPOS. No POS system is 
simple, so service of this caliber is vital.

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