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POS Software For Retail Stores

Simple to use features such as:

  • Cash Register Options Include.

  • Supports multiple pos tax levels up to 7.  Allowing you to apply 2 per retail product or service.  Great for collecting and tracking federal & state mandated taxes on items.  

  • Our Point of Sale retail software supports Both US & Canadian taxation including GST, HST, PST

  • In our retail pos software you can use the name look up option.  This will allow you to type the product name into the text box, the system will anticipate your keystrokes and pull up the closest match until it finds the product your are searching for.


  • Easily change prices, employee, & tax status by simply clicking on the retail item using our easy to use point of sale quick menu options.

  • Process your pos payment type quickly and accurately 

  • Program your items into buttons that can be clicked to add items to your pos ticket.  View your product pictures on your point of sale screen.


  • Supports unlimited amount of on screen pos programmable entries that can be grouped by category.  In your retail inventory you can assign and create programmable keys. 

  • Fully Integrated inhouse retail pos Gift Card system built into the software.

  • You can use your standalone pos credit card device.  Or use our Built in XCharge Credit card module to have a fully integrated pos payment solution.  Fully PCI compliant supporting EMV and touchless payment options.* Integrated option require merchant account through global payments.

  • With MPOS's in house gift card processing you can manage pos gift cards on your computer

  • Inventory Features Include.

  • Enter detail retail inventory information used for reporting.

  • Program Retail Hot Keys & Pos Service Keys.

  • Insert Pictures of your retail pos products.

  • Calculate profit margins based on COGS.

  • Multiple pricing Schemes. i.e. 2 for $10.00.

  • Quick receivable option simply scan or type the retail product in and add the amount you will be receiving.

  • Discount or change prices by item, category or price range.

  • Schedule a discount or change of price with a start date & end date.

  • Discount or change retail pos price by % or $ amounts

  • Client Maintenance

  • Our software supports: The inserting of client photos

  • Our software supports: Defining up to 16 user fields

  • Our software supports: Printing photo membership cards

  • Our software supports: Printing key cards

  • Our software supports: Printing employee Identification cards

  • Our software supports: Exporting date charts on birthdays and visit dates

  • Our software supports: Sorting on major & defined fields

  • Our software supports: Searching by major & defined fields
    View client spending history on the fly.

  • Our software supports: Sorting Client sales by, date, services, amounts.

  • Our software supports: Viewing individual daily reports.

  • Our software supports: Viewing each sales transaction by clicking on the invoice number.

  • Commission Calculator 

  • Calculate commissions by retail pos inventory sales.

  • Calculate commissions by pos services.

  • Calculate commissions by pos packages sold.

  • Preview any retail sale or pos invoice by clicking on the invoice number.

  • Sort by all fields.

  • Manually override each commission rate.

  • Customer Scheduling

  • Schedule in intervals of 5,10,15,30 minutes

  • Print combined schedule views

  • Schedule helpers for quick scheduling

  • Navigational tools to help navigate from date to date.

  • Ring up pos sale from Scheduling.

  • Time Clock Management

  • Use account numbers or bar-coded employee badges.

  • Maintain a history of each employees time clock schedule.

  • Use the management reports to view any employees work sheet.

  • View, edit, print employee detail information.

Computer with pos retail software on the point of sale cashregister screen
retail point of sale pos screen touch screen software
retail point of sale pos screen manual product lookup screen
retail point of sale pos cashregister screen with photo image touchscreen
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