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Problem Crash Freeze: After selling a package the system crashes (shuts down)

After selling a package the system crashes (shuts down)


Your database is to large to manage. Try opening the software and login as a manager. Look for the feature to the left under database tools - compact and repair. If the system returns a message stating compact & repair was successful. This should resolve this issue.

If you are unable to successfully compact and repair there are tools located in your install directory c:/point of sale/utilities/jetcomp.exe Use this tool to compact your database you will need to compact in most cases the smp.mdb located in the point of sale folder. You will need to select the file using the jetcomp program create a repaired database file then rename the new file to smp.mdb. Make sure to rename the original file to another name just in case you need to refer back to that file for any reason.

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