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Problem: Reports incorrect



This happens when a sales ticket was not processed completely. This is called an orphan file and is caused when you close the software in the middle of a sales transaction before hitting the conclude sale button. To resolve click on the tool "Management Tools" - "Database Cleanup" this tool will scan and remove any orphan files from your system. Keep in mind if you have edited any data in the Management tools screen you can create an orphan file by deleting portions of a sales ticket. If this is the case you will need to delete the remaining portions of the sales ticket by using the "Advanced Mode" option located in the "Edit Cash Register Data" you will need to remove any reference to the sales ticket in the smp.mdb table check the "splitpayment", "Tips" tables. In the prd.mdb database you will need to check the "reportprod" table. It is important to use the delete button in "Edit Cash Register Data" to delete items as this feature will remove the sales ticket from all the database tables.

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