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Instructions for: setting up the: STAR RECEIPT PRINTER & CASH DRAWER


Insert MPOS disc and browse the disc contents. Plug your star printer into the computer and make sure the power is on.

Insert paper making sure the shinny side is facing you.

From the CD Select the folder "Star Windows Driver".

Copy executable file to desktop

Close out MPOS disc windows.

Paste file on desktop & double click on it.

Say "OK" to message box & select printer model & port.

Hit long button saying "Extract Files for Install via Windows Add Printer Wizard".

Say "Yes" and "OK". Now exit box.

From windows start menu go to Control Panel.

Then select either Printer & Other Hardware OR Printer & Faxes.

Use Add Printer function to active Add Printer Wizard.

Select Next.

Deselect box to Automatically Detect & Install My Printer.

Select Next. Verify port selection and hit Next.

Select HAVE DISK when asks for Manufacturer & Model info.

Select Browse & select Desktop. Browse as follows then hit OK:

Star folder-Star Ras-oemprint

Select Model Number & Next.

Yes/No to default printer status.

Say Yes to test page then hit Next & Finish.

Next select "Continue Anyway" & wait for loading to finish & window to disappear.

CONFIGURATION ------------------------------------------

Right click on Star Printer just installed & go to Properties.

Select tab for Raster Print Options/Printer Options/Device Settings.

Activate cash drawer by selecting Document Top or Document Bottom for drawer timing.

Hit Apply & return to General tab to print Test Page.

**If drawer does not pop reverse cable that runs from cash drawer to receipt printer.***

**Make sure it is Star cable and NOT a regular telephone cord!!!!********

INTEGRATION ------------------------------------------------

Go to Setup Wizards & select Receipt Printer Setup.

Select 3" printer format & select printer just installed for Receipt function.

Select save and use Next to advance 2 screens to Optional Hardware setup page.

Make sure no boxes have been checked for cash drawers & msr reader is using text option.

Save & finish.

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