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Instructions for: setting up the: LOGIC CONTROLS CR3003 USB CASH DRAWER



# 1. Go to Logic Controls website at

# 2. Go to Support & Downloads tab.

# 3. Choose software under cash drawers & select Open.

# 4. Double click on HidCom Inst file & choose Extract All.

# 5. Click Next & Save files to desktop (create folder called cash drawer).

# 6. Close Web browser.

# 7. Plug in cash drawer (computer should acknowledge).

# 8. Run HidComInst & allow computer to restart itself.

# 9. Go to Device Mgr to find port & then close out.

(Control Panel-Systems-Hardware-Device Mgr-Port)

#10. Double click on CR3Edit & Write Comm.

#11. Open MPOS & go to Optional Hardware Setup (from Setup Wizard).

#12. Select USB Cash Drawer & port found in step 9.

#13. Save.

#14. You Can test by clicking "Open Cash Register" button.

#15. Exit.

#16. Save & Finish.

Note: For security reason, it's recommended that the programming utility

software should not be copied onto the cashier station computer to

avoid unauthorized change of the opening codes.

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