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Dear FBB Inc.,

I wear extended hair that is sewed into my hair on to cornroll braids or sometimes the extended hair is bonded with glue into my hair. I'm frustrated because I still have problems with removing these extensions and with my hair getting tangled from the glue or lint build up just as I do when I remove my individual braided hairstyles. I need help!!

Alima 0. Washington D.C.
Alima, the same concept of wearing extended hair applies to braids. You have not combed your hair in a long period of time, so the hair tends to retain a build up of oils, lent, and shampoo. The hair cream TAKE DOWN will make it easier for you to prevent a lot of tangling. It helps to remove the excess glue from the bonding by applying the cream and sitting under a hairdyer in a plastic cap for about 15-20 minutes. Take Down is very creamy so it penetrates fast to soften the hair and it is based in mineral oil
so it helps slide the glue and build up right out.

Dear FBB inc.,

I've heard that wearing human hair braids are
much better for the hair than wearing synthetic hair braids. Is this true?

Sherry Thomas
Newark, New Jersey
Depending on what type of braid style or hairstyle you want to wear human hair might or might not be better for the hair. Kankelon fiber, which is a type of synthetic hair is great for a lot of low maintenance braided hairstyles; whereas with human hair, it has to be maintained or else it will tangle or become matted easily. However if you want more of a
softer hair look while wearing braids-human hair is the way to go.
 Dear FBB Inc.,

I wear the double strand twists and sometimes the twists unravel and do not last as long as I need them to, what can I do? Imani Johnson Detroit, Ml
Well, I suggest using a light Bees wax to do the 2 strand twists. Then the key for you is to braid the end of each twist a little, and that should hold it.
Dear FBB Inc., Is it true that braids should only be worn 4 times a year?

Sheila Smith Chicago, IL

No, that is definitely a false statement. You can adorn your hair as many times a year as you choose to. Braids allow your hair to be free from constant heat or chemicals-that over long periods of time can be detrimental to the hair. As long as your hair is braided properly especially at the root of the hair-i.e. no rubber bands! Keep your hair shampooed, nourished with oils as it needs it; and lastly when removing the braids use some sort of oil based cream like (TAKE DOWN) to reduce hair breakage while combing out knots/ clumps of tangled or matted hair from oil or shampoo or lint build up.

Dear FBB Inc.,

I've noticed that I've lost a lot of hair around my sides and the edges of my hairline. What so I do the regain my hair back? Harolyn Lanii Central State University Gail Bouie-Cote, a professional braid & weave stylist in Riverdale, Georgia {770)472-9684}- suggests that if castor oil is massaged daily on the areas of the scalp where hair has been broken or damaged, it will rejuvenate hair growth. We also recommend that you should reframe from having your hair braided tight around your hairline and please reframe from using a lot of chemicals and heat around that area of your hair as well. Love your hair, it needs you to take the time and patience to do so;
drink lots of water and eat lots of nutrient filled foods.

Dear FBB Inc.,

I have my 7 year old daughters hair braided every 2. months and my braid stylists prefers that I relax my daughter's hair before she braids it. I really don't like using a perm on her hair before it gets gets braided. I also feel like her hair gets weaker after being permed and then being that her hair gets pulled a tittle by the braids causes her hair to break. What should I do? Bola

Cole Oakland, California
Yes, you are very correct in that the hair is a little weaker than natural hair once it is chemically treated. The relaxer changes the chemical make up of the hair follicle, so it can break easily. Therefore definitely her hair does not need to be pulled on by the braids especially. We suggest that you inform your braid stylist that you are not going to relax your daughter's hair before braiding it anymore, and if she has a problem with it-Please find a new braid stylist!

Dear FBB Inc.,

 I am a white women who enjoys wearing braids as well as extensions, however my hair gets so tangled and matted when I remove my braids or hair extensions after 2-3 months. What products can I use to help prevent so much hair loss especially for Caucasian hair?

Susan Socii Manhattan, New York
We recommend using TAKE DOWN-a hair moisturizing cream for removing braids, locks and hair extensions. This product can be used on all types of hair textures, because it works the same way.  This cream is based in mineral oil, which makes the hair feel so soft. Also because Take Down is so creamy it penetrates into the hair very fast, therefore it reduces hair breakage and is a relief from the pain of combing out knots and clumps of tangled hair. Check your local beauty supply store or Sally's beauty supply.

Dear FBB Inc.,

I was advised by my braid stylist that human hair braids should only be shampooed once a month or they will fall out. It's hard for me to go 1 week without washing my hair. I need help.

Lola S. Atlanta, Georgia
Depending on how your braid stylist braided your hair, perhaps your braids could slip out. If your braid technician sealed the end of your human hair braid with glue or a knot then you should not have a problem washing your hair weekly. Some braiders do not seal the end of the braids sometimes so in that case you have to be gentle while shampooing the hair. But remember human hair braids are little softer than synthetic fiber braids so they can slip out easily from the hair or get loose from the root of the hair faster. There is nothing like a clean head, so by all means wash your
braids, just be gentle and try not to pull and tug too much on the hair.

Dear FBB Inc.,

I have been wearing locks for 2 years and I have grown a lot of hair. I want to change my look, but I don't want to cut my hair. I've been told that my only alternative is to cut my locks and to start all over. I've heard about the product TAKE DOWN-does it really work for lock? Bernard. Brooklyn, New York Yes, the product Take Down does make it easier to remove locks. Our company suggests that as long as locks are between 1 -4 years old Take Down will work. However, your hair has not been combed in 2 years so you are going to have to be patient and take your time combing through each lock. Call the company and ask specifically how the product works
and ask for referrals.

Dear FBB Inc.,

although TAKE DOWN is a moisturizing cream for removing braids -locks and hair extensions, can it be used to moisturize the hair ?

Tawana Brown Houston, Tx
Yes, TAKE DOWN can be used as a maintenance cream for the hair. Because of it's ingredients. However we recomend that you try our new hair lotion it works great and it provides the hair with great luster and shine.while leaving your hair soft and healthy.

Dear FBB Inc.,

I 'm Korean and my hair is so straight that
sometimes it's hard for my hair to hold a curl. Can my hair be braided, because I would like to try some different hair styles. ?

Mary Kwan Arizona.
Yes, your hair can be braided, but I would advise using Kankelon Fiber hair for your braided extensions. This type of synthetic hair fiber would hold better with your hair texture. Human hair would be to similar to your type of hair texture and that might cause the braids to slip out or for your braided style to not last as long as you would want it to.

Dear FBB Inc.,

What can I use on my scalp to stop my scalp from itching while wearing braids?

Tameka. Miami, Florida
We recommend shampooing your hair first, then applying our scalp pomade which contains both sage and eucalyptic oils, to your scalp and massage it in gently.


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