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What is the SiRUS™ Pharmacy Software System? To put it simply, the SiRUS™ Software System will augment or replace your current regulated identity-verification, usage-tracking, precursor logs, and recordkeeping systems for the distribution of scheduled or listed drugs to your customers, across the scope of your entire pharmacy network.

SiRUS Software will provide added monitoring and security starting from the moment it’s installed in your establishment. SiRUS™ puts you on the alert. You’ll gain protection from individuals who would otherwise assume their movement or identity is unavailable.

When using SiRUS in your Pharmacy it gives gives you the ability to track pharmacy sales that use pseudoephedrine or any other regulated drug.  You are able to use customers biometrics or your pharmacy card system.

How does SiRUS™ Pharmacy Software work? In seconds, any customer’s identification can be confirmed, and the transaction can be electronically logged according to date, time, location, drugs and quantities provided. Our server is secure, and all transactions are encrypted and stored offsite for retrieval as per your need.  A permanent solution that will replace your manual precursor logs.

Why SiRUS™? Growing concerns about intentional misuse and abuse of pseudoephedrine have already led to federally mandated restrictions and recordkeeping (Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005). Serious concerns still exist regarding intentional misuse and abuse of prescription opioids and over-the-counter dextromethorphan (DM). Until now, the daunting challenges of protecting the community, your patrons, and yourself wasn't met with a single, enterprise-wide solution. That solution is SiRUS™.

Why you would want to Replace your Precursor Logs with
SiRUS™ Pharmacy Software
Keeps checkout lines moving quickly utilizing state of the art software, Keeping you and your customers happy.

                                                Benefits of using
SiRUS™ Pharmacy Software verses Precursor Logs 

Written precursor logs   Biometric precursor monitoring  

Manually record each transaction

Over the counter drug tracking

precursor compliant

Prescription drug tracking

Not Available With written precursor logs

Replaces written Precursor log books

Not Available With written precursor logs

Biometric scanning system

Not Available With written precursor logs

Electronic reporting system

Not Available With written precursor logs

Precursor log compliant

Not Available With written precursor logs

Confidential precursor data logs

Not Available With written precursor logs

On screen identity checks

Not Available With written precursor logs

Positive identity verification

Not Available With written precursor logs

Identity theft deterrent

Not Available With written precursor logs

Centralized database access

Not Available With written precursor logs

Customized store cards

Not Available With written precursor logs

Revue Client sales history

Not Available With written precursor logs

24HR system monitoring

How does Biometric imaging differ from traditional fingerprinting, and what about privacy?

One of the biggest misconceptions is that a persons actual image is being preserved, actually the image is converted into binary code (a special sequence of numbers) which only allows a computer equipped with imaging software to recreate it, also it would require an individual to rescan their image, without the rescanned image it’s impossible to access the biometric file, thus securing each retail transaction, this preserves privacy, and creates one of the most secure environments for storing data available. Imaging technology leads the way in privacy and security.

Actual Image scanned

Actual image saved

Imaged used to match when Rescanned 

Biometrics is safe and secure preserving true privacy security, and identity. Call today
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