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Other Features Included in MPOS Software

QuickBooks POS Software
Point of Sale
Inventory Control
Client Maintenance
Commission Calculations
Employee Scheduling
Gift Card Processing
Time Clock Management
QuickBooks Compatible
Package Management
Tanning Bed Support
Multiple Store Management
Report Management
Online Backup
Caller ID Support
Other Features
Quick Inventory Setup
  • With Quick Inventory Setup simply type or scan your product into the system and enter 4 required fields and you are ready to begin selling your products.
  • Compatible with barcode scanning, product selecting or touch screen selections.

  • Every time you make a sale your stock inventory is updated for you.  Simply click on your stock Inventory report to find out what you have in stock.
QuickBooks POS Software
Advanced Inventory Setup
  • Enter detail inventory information used for reporting.
  • Program Hot Keys.
  • Insert Pictures of your products.
  • Calculate profit margins based on COGS.
  • Multiple pricing Schemes. i.e. 2 for $10.00.
  • Quick receivable option simply scan or type the product in and add the amount you will be receiving.
QuickBooks POS Software

Discounts & Change of Prices

  • Discount or change prices by item, category or price range.
  • Schedule a discount or change of price with a start date & end date.
  • Discount or change price by % or $ amounts.
QuickBooks POS Software

Purchase Orders

  • Create Print and Receive Purchase Orders
  • Receive Items into inventory 
  • All Purchase Orders and Item Receipts can be tracked all the way through QuickBooks. 
QuickBooks POS Software
Multiple Views
  • View all products in either standard or grid views.
  • Print either single or entire inventory database.
  • Sort list on most fields.
QuickBooks POS Software
Barcode PrintingPrinting barcodes directly from Salon Manager Pro is done by typing the barcode ID into the indicated box.  The system will generate a barcode for this product using any standard barcode format you choose.   print them directly using your desktop printer.  Or a thermal barcode printer we can supply.
Or copy the barcode into your window clipboard simply pasting them into your, Excel, Word, WordPerfect or any other Windows program.
Salon Manager Pro
Manager kit / Packages
  • Manage inventory kits or packages.  If you sell several products together as a kit or package.  MPOS can manage your kits and automatically update your inventory whenever a kit is sold. 
QuickBooks POS Software
Serial Numbers Management
  • Sell and track items that are serialized. 
  • Sell an item by it's serial number.
  • Create multiple serial numbers sequentially.

Matrix Management

  • Track sales and inventory by size, color, style.
  • Use individual barcodes for each item or combine multiple items using a matrix table.  With unlimited combinations. 
  • Supports price override by matrix allowing you to charge different prices per size, color or style.

Link Inventory Items

  • Link Items by barcode so that when you scan an item it will automatically link items to the sales ticket.  Good for kits, bottle deposits and fee's.
Salon Manager Pro
Reorder Points List
  • Control inventory with either a single reorder point, or assign a re order point for each product.
  • Generate a Reorder list, with vendor information for easy reordering.
QuickBooks POS Software
Hand Held Inventory Support
  • Manage inventory with hand held devices such as the Symbol SPT 1500.
  • Synchronize your inventory counts using the hand held options.
QuickBooks POS Software