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MPOS Software for Salon & Spa

Retail Stores |Salon & Spas |Tanning Salons

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Supporting IOS (Apple),Android,Windows

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Other Features Included in MPOS Software

Salon & Spa
Salon Software
Windows 8 Compatible

Supports Both US & Canadian taxation and QuickBooks compatibility.
     Are you a Spa or Salon looking to manage your booth's staff or spa rooms. Imagine a solution that allows you to create packages standard and mixed. Schedule for and process return visits in a seamless single screen interface. Well you don't have to imagine anymore with MPOS package management you can now unlock your business full potential.
     Fully control your business with Inventory control tools such as reorder points, purchase orders and scheduled discounts.  Looking to start a reward system or issue discounts to customers that support your business?  With MPOS Point of Sale software for salons & spas you can manage track and market to your
customer using the client maintenance features.  
     Looking to schedule for customer or block out rooms for spa sessions?  Using the
scheduling tools in MPOS software will make this a fast and simple process.  Whether you are looking to keep up with services, commissions or sales think of MPOS Pos software as your one stop solution.
     Fully integrated with the most powerful accounting system around
QuickBooks software by Intuit.  You can be confident that your information will seamlessly transfer to your QuickBooks software.  

Point of Sale
Inventory Control
Client Maintenance
Commission Calculations
Employee Scheduling
Gift Card Processing
Time Clock Management
QuickBooks Compatible
Package Management
Tanning Bed Support
Multiple Store Management
Report Management
Online Backup
Caller ID Support
Other Features

Point of Sale (Cash Register)

  • Any SKU numbering system with any CDV scheme

  • Sell and track by serial number

  • Sell and manage kit or package items

  • Entry of the same item by multiple numbering systems (e.g. SKU, PLU, UPC, EAN, ISBN... etc.)

  • Flexible item options (e.g. taxable, discountable price override valid... etc.)

  • Refunds and Returns

  • Fast Cash Mode (Quickly ring up products without putting in any inventory.  Mode is secure and activated by manager password.)

  • Quantity key. (with decimal quantities)

  • Layaways via Invoice function

  • Multiple tax tables

  • Taxable and Non-taxable keys by item and transaction

  • Discounts (dollar, percentage and dollar difference)

  • Paid out

  • Internal check verification system

  • Client tracking

  • Price Checks & Discounts on the fly

  • Price Check function allowing you to check prices on the go.

  • Place items on hold in cash register mode

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    Point of Sale

Salon Spa Software

Retail POS Software
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Inventory Control
  • Enter detail inventory information used for reporting.
  • Program Hot Keys.
  • Insert Pictures of your products.
  • Calculate profit margins based on COGS.
  • Multiple pricing Schemes. i.e. 2 for $10.00.
  • Quick receivable option simply scan or type the product in and add the amount you will be receiving.
  • Discount or change prices by item, category or price range.
  • Schedule a discount or change of price with a start date & end date.
  • Discount or change price by % or $ amounts.

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    Inventory Control
Retail Software

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Client Maintenance

  • Insert client photos
  • Define up to 16 user fields
  • Print photo membership cards
  • Print key cards
  • Print employee Identification cards
  • Export date charts on birthdays and visit dates
  • Sort on major & defined fields
  • Search by major & defined fields
    View client spending history on the fly.
  • Sort Client sales by, date, services, amounts.
  • View individual day reports.
  • View each sales transaction by clicking on the invoice number.

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    Client Maintenance

Tanning Software

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Salon & Spa Services
Commission Calculator
  • Calculate commissions by inventory sales.
  • Calculate commissions by services.
  • Calculate commissions by packages sold.
  • Preview any sale or invoice by clicking on the invoice number.
  • Sort by all fields.
  • Manually override each commission rate.
  • Create a commission for each employee
  • Create Inventory, Service, Packages commission rates for each employee.

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    Commission Calculations

Salon Software

Employee Scheduling
  • Schedule in intervals of 5,10,15,30 minutes
  • Print combined schedule views
  • Schedule helpers for quick scheduling
  • Navigational tools to help navigate from date to date.
  • Ring up Sale from Scheduling.
  • Block appointments using Word Block
  • Block appointments using Color Block
  • Block out periods.                                            
  • Create Daily Notes.
  • Print combine schedule.
  • Double Book Appointments
  • Email confirmation from the scheduler.
  • Create a Standing appointments, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.
  • Remove existing standing appointments.
  • Block out an employees weekly schedule.

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Employee Scheduling

Salon Spa Software
Retail POS Software
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Gift Card Processing
  • Process real-time gift cards as a form of payment during sales.
  • Create your own gift card system for either your single location or for *multiple stores.
  • Save thousands of dollars a year in fees by maintaining your own gift card system in house.
  • Use any gift card stock including account numbers, barcodes or magnetically striped cards.
  • Maintain balances on cards or cash out balances

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Gift Card Processing

Retail Software

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QuickBooks Compatible
  • Send your sales directly into QuickBooks
  • Post your data to Sales Receipt
  • Append to your new or existing customer list
  • Deduct from QuickBooks Inventory list
  • Import inventory lists
  • Import service lists
  • Import customer lists
  • Import employee lists
  • Import sales tax lists
  • Import vendor lists
  • Export inventory lists
  • Export service lists
  • Export customer lists
  • Export employee lists
  • Export vendor lists
  • Export sales receipts
  • Export invoices
  • Export payment receipts
  • Export credit memos
  • Export purchase orders
  • Synchronize  Inventory feature allows you to automatically synchronize your MPOS inventory stock count with QuickBooks inventory list

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    QuickBooks Compatible

Retail Software
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