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Q. What is Millennium Resources return policy?
A. Millennium Resources offers a money back guarantee. After purchasing MPOS software and hardware you can return it within 30 days for a refund less 25 % cancellation fee refunds will be accepted if:
You have returned all goods shipped in working order within 30 days of receipt.
If your purchase meets these qualifications than you can receive a refund.
Please make your selections carefully. Exchange or return of items will result in a 25% charge as a restocking fee. If a shipment is refused, the same restock charge applies. We will not accept return of product after 30 days. All returns must be authorized by customer service. No shipping charges will be reimbursed. Additional charges may apply for failure to return the item's) in the COMPLETE original packaging, in the same condition as it arrived. This includes any external boxes used, packing materials, and said packaging is not damaged, marked or otherwise not acceptable for resale. Failure to do so may result in re-box fees or possibly a rejection of the return if the product is damaged. We strive to make your purchase quick, accurate, and easy. We encourage you to call our sales department to be certain that you get the product you need. All warranties are carried out directly through the manufacturer of the product.

Q. What type of payroll (paychecks) options are available in MPOS?
A. MPOS supports full commission tracking such as standard, tier and item commission tracking. MPOS also track commission paid and time clock calculating such as daily, weekly and monthly hours worked. MPOS does not however create or print checks or calculate withheld taxes. MPOS works in conjunction with QuickBooks for these features.

Q. What type of merchant accounts does MPOS support?
A. MPOS supports 5 types of merchant accounts

1.  eProcessingNetwork - to process through the eProcessing Network contact meramak for rates at
click here for online request form

2.  SparkBase - For Gift Card and Loyalty you can use SparkBase for processing contact meramak for rates at

click here for online request form

3.  X-charge merchant services (1-888-412-8806) which ships at no additional cost with MPOS.

4.  Optionally if your merchant providers supports PC Charge Pro MPOS supports PC Charge version 5.9.3 - 5.1.0. PC Charge does not come with MPOS and must be acquired separately this may incur additional cost. Contact your merchant provider for more information.  It is to be noted at the time of this writing PC Charge Pro does not support windows 8.

5.  Paypal Pro merchant accounts are now supported.

Q. Does MPOS support Peachtree account software?
A. Not at this time.

Q. Does MPOS have dealer pricing?
A. Yes contact sales at 706-228-4616 for more information.

Q. Does MPOS support any other multilingual languages such as Spanish or French?
A. Not at this time only English.

Q. What operating system is compatible with MPOS, and what are the minimum requirements to run MPOS?
A. XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Windows 10 ,1GB Ram 4 Usb Ports for hardware devices, minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 768 (15")

Q. Does MPOS support Canadian taxation and QuickBooks versions?
A. Yes MPOS supports GST ,PST & HST taxation as well as receipt printing regulations. It also is able to calculate your tax totals for each vendor. MPOS also support tax on tax. MPOS also supports Canadian versions of QuickBooks from Pro to Enterprise 2002-2015

Q. Is MPOS Touch Screen Compatible?
A. Yes MPOS works with Touch Screen Monitors

Q. Does MPOS work with Bar-code scanners.
A. Yes MPOS does work with Barcode scanners, it is compatible with standard or keyboard wedge scanners.

Q. What Kind of database tools does MPOS Use?
A. MPOS uses MS Access 2000

Q. Do I need to purchase the receipt printer and cash drawer in order for MPOS to work?
A. No you can use the system with out the hardware specified. You must purchase the Epson Receipt printer or any of the popular brands of printers (i.e. Samsung, Citizen, Starr printers that * emulate Epson TM print drivers) in order to use your cash drawer. Your cash drawer connects directly to your receipt printer.

Q. Can I print receipts with my regular desktop printer?
A. Yes, you can print receipts with your desktop printer. You cannot however operate a cash drawer with out an Epson Receipt printer or any other brand of printer that emulates Epson TM Drivers.

Q. What sort of support can I expect?
A. After purchasing MPOS you will receive 30 days free technical support.
 After the 30 days you are charged based on the support package you choose.

Q. Is there a limit to the amount of data I can store in MPOS
A. Limits are based on hard drive space. If you have a considerable size hard drive you will have no problems with invoice limits.

Q. Can I use MPOS with out a mouse?
A. Yes MPOS was designed for use with both keyboard and mouse interface.

Q. Is MPOS compatible with QuickBooks?
A. Yes, MPOS is compatible with QuickBooks you can export your data from MPOS into QuickBooks Pro 98-2015.

Q. In my business we invoice our clients for services and they make payments to us weekly, or after the services is completed can MPOS manage this?
A. Yes MPOS can manage accounts. You can create invoices the same way you create sales transactions. You can even post open invoices or receive an unlimited amount of payments on any particular invoice.

Q. I am attempting to use the caller id feature but I cannot get it to work on my computer.

A. Not all modems are caller id compatible. In order to use this feature you must first have caller id service with you local telephone service. Also you will need to install an internal or external modem that is caller id compatible. Most computers that are shipped with modems are not caller id compatible. You may also find certain modems that are caller id compatible but not the ISA version that is required for use with this system. Also the modem must be voice capable in order to use the caller id feature in the system.