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Dear FBB Inc,

I wore my braids for six months because I was too lazy to have them removed three month ago, my friends told me my hair had probably locked by now and I would have to cut all my hair off. I saw TAKE DOWN in a beauty supply store and I tried it. It wasn't an easy task to remove my braids, I had to take my time and let the cream soak on my hair all night underneath a plastic cap. But by the next day I had a head full of hair. I was able to break apart all those lint balls and knots of tangled hair I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't tried TAKE DOWN.

Thank You,
Shay Scott
San Francisco, California
Dear FBB Inc,

I wear the two-strand twists, and I didn't even know their was a product on the market for easing the problems of removing twists/locks as well. Well I must say I had my doubts, but TAKE DOWN helped me untwist my hair with out any tangling and when I retwisted my hair, WAX DOWN made my hair feel smooth. I wish you all continued success.

June Williams
New York University

Dear FBB Inc,

I accidentally fell asleep after dying my hair with Loreal's new hair color and when I woke up and realized what had happened, my hair had completely matted and tangled. I had been walking around for 2 months with my hair in knots , until I found out about your product on the internet. It was a life saver. I did lose a little hair, but at least I did not have to cut all my hair off. I recommend this product for all women, it's great.

Mary Spraguin
Flagstaff, Arizona

Dear FBB Inc,

I have my hair weaved with human and synthetic hair extensions on several occasions. During the process of removing the weaved hair from my natural hair, I seem to always experience some hair loss. I love wearing my hair weaved with extensions, but I hate the thought of taking the hair extensions out. However all of that drama is history now that I have been introduced to TAKE DOWN. TAKE DOWN has saved my life and relieved me of so many unnecessary frustrations. I share this experience with you, so that many other women who have their weaves braided or bonded with glue onto their scalp will try TAKE DOWN as well.

                                                                                      Khadijah Kemet
                                                                                      Nashville, Tennessee

Dear FBB Inc,

I am a very active person on my job and in school. I have very little time to spend on my hair each day, so I often wear extended braids because they are so convenient. I usually get the micro braids so my hair can stay braided for at least four months at a time. Until I was introduced to TAKE DOWN, I would always lose hair. After all the extended braids were removed, I would have terrible broken ends, and the edges of my hair would just snap off! After using TAKE DOWN to have my extensions removed on my last two occasions, I was terribly surprised to see that my hair had very few split ends, and I had no hair loss, but just a little shedding. This was so incredible that I highly recommend everyone to at least give it a first try. I guarantee you'll love it.

Thank You,
Sharee Young
Portland, Oregon




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