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Other Features Included in MPOS Software

System Specific: MPOS Version 4,5,6,7

Select Setup Wizard . . . then GENERAL SETUP and then to select Sales Tax Setup...set up tax levels...hit OK and FINISH. May need to restart software for changes to take. Go back into inventory items & select tax level for each product.  You also change all tax rates universally by selecting the advanced tax button located in the Sales Tax Setup screen.  You can then type the tax rate and select ok to change all tax levels.

System Specific: MPOS Version 4,5,6,7

The file mscal.ocx has been overridden by another program and the version that was installed is incompatible with MPOS.  To resolve backup your data and enter the control panel and select install/remove application.  Try to repair the MPOS installation.  If this does not work you will need to copy the file from your installation CD.  Browse the contents of the MPOS disk and find a folder labeled "System32" find the mscal.ocx file and paste it into your local c:\windows\system32\ folder then restart your system.  Keep in mind that if you start the program that copied the files over initially it will attempt to repair itself and copy the incompatible file over again.

Error Updating: Update screen keeps prompting and will not go away at the bottom of the screen
System Specific: MPOS Version 4,5,6,7

This happens when your click the update button and you are either on a network or unable to lock on your database files. To resolve run MPOS on one machine at a time and allow it to upgrade. Another solution is to:

Click Start in windows then select Run type Regedit then browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\MRCASH\Options

Look for the Name Run_Upgrade and change the value from "Y" to "N".

Error 59: Bad File Length
System Specific: MPOS Version 4,5,6,7

MPOS.INI located in your install folder is corrupt you will need to either delete the file and allow MPOS to recreate a new one.  Or restore from a previous backup of the file.

Error Center Screen: Can not center screen or can't view all the buttons on screen
System Specific: MPOS Version 4,5,6,7

upgrade to latest version 6.x or 7.x make sure screen resolution is either 800 x 600 or preferably 1024 x 768 for optimum viewing. Make sure your restart MPOS after making these changes.


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